I suck at updating this blog – Letters 12-55



So, I have been writing letter and so far, I have only repeated one person, who became the first step of phase two.  I have received letters back from a few people, which is exciting, but not everyone even lets me know they got my letters, which leaves me wondering if they reached their destination, but I guess that’s a part of the process, too.

Those of you that know me, know the past week has been tough.  My father passed away on the 15th, and – for the first time- I did not write a letter on the day of his memorial service.  I did write two letters the next day, so I’m counting it.  I also started one letter that I finished the next day, but I count that, too.


I am so thankful that I started this project when I d

I started writing because I craved connection and find handwriting to be powerful and important.  Clearly, I am not the only one who feels this way.  I hope to get the kickstarter going soon and hope that I get some input from artist friends soon.  The little notecards are cute, but I really wanted to incorporate some personal artwork into the project.id and that the first letter that I wrote to someone else was the letter I wrote to my father.  It wasn’t easy to write, but I guess a part of me knew that I needed to write it soon.  So far, I have written 55 letters.  3 of them are unsent because I do not know how to reach the people I wrote to.  Some days, I have had to struggle to figure out who to write.  Others, I have felt inspired.  Oddly enough, FB has provided me with the answer more often than not.  I will see a post from a friend who is having a rough day or going through some struggles and hope that I can offer that love or inspiration they need.  Sometimes, I have just written.  Several of the people I’ve written have messaged me back to let me know that my letter reached them when they needed it most and that they were keeping them where they could see them.


I randomly decided to start a phase 2.  If you have written back and would like to be a part of phase 2, message me (or write) and tell me three tangible things you miss about FL (if you’ve moved), or that inspire you.

Letters 12 – 55


Letter 12 – friend from college (with Jack’s artwork)

Letter 13 – wife of a former student (we’ve never actually met, but become friends online)

Letter 14 – pediatrician from my childhood (unsent)

Letter 15 – friend who told me to ask my husband out

Letter 16 – former student

Letter 17 – Dad’s cousin Addie – got a great letter back from her and learned some cool things about his mother (who died when he was 9)

Letter 18 – my beautiful niece

Letter 19 – co-worker I didn’t get along with when we worked together, but have grown to know better since

Letter 20- college friend of great faith

Letter 21 – one of my best friends from high school

Letter 22 – My RCIA sponsor

Letter 23 – former student who is now teaching

Letter 24 – best friend’s mom

Letter 25 – postcard to an artsy mom-friend

Letter 26 – letter to a elementary school friend I’ve gotten to know as an adult/mom friend

Letter 27 – Alex’s Godmother

Letter 28 – Claire (Phase 2)

Letter 29 – dear friend who lives a simpler life- i.e. no internets or facebook

Letter 30 – friend’s sister

Letter 31 – friend starting a dream job

Letter 32 – friend leaving her job to go back to college

Letter 33 – grandfather

Letter 34 – Jack’s teacher whose dog passed

Letter 35 – Cousin Allison

Letter 36 – John’s cousin – Jacqui

Letter 37 – Jenny – anniversary of her mother’s death

Letter 38 – John’s cousin – Lauren

Letter 39 – Aunt Bobbi

Letter 40 – Becky

Letter 41 – former student struggling with loneliness

Letter 42 – friend running her first 1/2 marathon

Letter 43 – HS Friend with faith

Letter 44 – former student

Letter 45 – first real crush – unsent

Letter 46 – my brother – day of our father’s death

Letter 47 – col

lege friend who called to express condolences

Letter 48 – neighbor who took Dottie for us

Letter 49 – Mom’s neighbor

Letter 50 – 5 Guys- my dad’s favorite place to eat – they were always able to cater to his special needs and I wanted them to know how much I appreciated this.

Letter 51 – The Heart Center and Lakeland Regional

Letter 52 – best friend

Letter 53 – old HS friend who has a birthday coming up

Letter 54 – friend whose father is going through similar health issues to my Dad’s

Letter 55 – cousin I haven’t gotten to know