Setting up the site and the basic project idea


A few weeks ago I had an idea while I was driving my son to daycare.  I remembered how much I loved getting mail as a kid.  When my family moved from the small town of Cleveland, TN, where I had spent the first 12 years of my life, I asked everyone in my grade for their address.  I wrote letters religiously.  We moved in the beginning of the summer, so I didn’t get to make many friends until I started school in the Fall.  I watched the mailbox every day.  It was exciting to hear from my old friends and made me feel connected.

Now, I find myself obsessively connecting through facebook and letting REAL connection fall away.  So next year, I begin a mission.

So, I will write a letter every day for the year 2014.  I am talking to artist friends to get some unique cards to help with the scope of the project.  I am also looking to create a kickstarter to help fund the project.  I will blog about the letter writing and hope to write and publish a book about the experience in 2015.



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